A mountain hike featuring French Toast

Each Monday we drive about 30 minutes up toward the mountains for the kids to attend a STEM class.  I drop them off for a few hours and enjoy hiking and exploring the adorable little town of Wrightwood while they are gone.  This past Monday the weather was just perfection and after their class I took them out for a little hike.  We did the Big Pines Trail which is only 1/2 mile around and has a lot of great information along the way about how Native American’s used the plants in different ways.  I would highly recommended a visit to Wrightwood if you are in the greater LA metro!

Both kids are wearing outfits by French Toast.  In addition to their huge selection of uniforms they have a variety of casual wear as well! Perfect for the school of life and very affordable too!

Abby is wearing the quilted bomber jacket, printed leggings and bYOUtiful tee.

Jake is wearing the Cell Pocket Jogger and a Long Sleeve Henley.

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