Jake loves Reading Eggs!

First off, this is not sponsored by Reading Eggs.  We are just a happy customer!   Our headphones were a gift from our friends at eKids!

As I have mentioned before Jake has always struggled a bit with reading and the alphabet.  Despite being in “school” since we was 2 it just never clicked for him.  And to be honest we aren’t rushing it for him.  But he really wants to learn and has become more motivated over the past few months.  I don’t know if it is because I am taking more time to really work with him now that we are homeschooling or if he is just ready but I do know that Reading Eggs has helped us grow leaps and bounds.

We have used numerous other reading apps in the past and while they are fun he didn’t seem to really better his literacy skills as much as I had hoped.

A couple of months ago someone recommended Reading Eggs and I signed up for the free 28 day trial.  Jake loves it! I let him work on my computer and while it is fun enough to keep him interested what I like is the actual academic aspect.  It has just the right amount of repetition along with phonics and spelling to really help him grasp the lessons.

We ended up buying the year membership along with the sister site Math Seeds.  He has been thriving with them!

And the time that he spends working on Reading Eggs is ideal for me to do one on one work with Abby.   She used to get a little distracted by the fun sounds coming from it but since Jake got his new Minions headphones from eKids we can work in peace while he is in the same room!

You can buy direct at eKids.com, shop on Amazon or at your favorite retailer!

Reading EggsYou can click here to learn more and try out the free 4 week day trial!  And they do have program for ages 2-13.

Here are some photos.  See those colorful certificates on the wall in the upper left corner of a couple?  Those are from his last 3 Reading Eggs quizes.  He is so proud of them!


Ekids01   Ekids04 Ekids05 Ekids06 Ekids02Ekids07



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