A taste of Pioneer Life at Stone Soup Farm.

Last week we went to Homeschool Day at Stone Soup Farm in Oak Glen.  For those in Southern California we highly recommend a visit! And for everyone else… I bet that you could find something similar in your neck of the woods!

First, we have been reading the Little House on the Prairie books.  (this set)  Well, actually we are listening to the audiobooks (mostly in the car) while Abby follows along in the actual book.

The timing couldn’t have been better for us!  On the way down there we were listening about Johnny cakes (aka Journey cakes) and then we actually made them!  We dipped candles and made whirlygigs.  We made a batch of apple cider and played an old hoop game called Grace.

We came home excited about handicraft and Abby has been making her own candles!  And Jake even planted some apple seeds after hearing about Johnny Appleseed.

You can click here to visit the Stone Soup Farm Facebook page and they do have another event next month!

And after the field trip we popped into Riley’s Farm to buy some water and a snack and ended up staying to pick Zinnias — my favorite!  StoneSoup01 StoneSoup02 StoneSoup03 StoneSoup04 StoneSoup05 StoneSoup06 StoneSoup07 StoneSoup08 StoneSoup09 StoneSoup10 StoneSoup11 StoneSoup12 StoneSoup13 StoneSoup14 StoneSoup15 StoneSoup16 StoneSoup17 StoneSoup18 StoneSoup19 StoneSoup20 StoneSoup21 StoneSoup23 StoneSoup24 StoneSoup25 StoneSoup26 StoneSoup27 StoneSoup28 StoneSoup29 StoneSoup30 StoneSoup31 StoneSoup32 StoneSoup33 StoneSoup34 StoneSoup35 StoneSoup36


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