Heart Rock Trail

Yesterday we took advantage of a wide open Sunday and decided to take the kids up to the mountain to enjoy a kid friendly hike that I read about called the Heart Rock Trail.  It starts in Crestline California and is just a couple of miles round trip with the highlight being a beautiful heart shape in a large rock.

We took the top off of the Jeep but silly me didn’t even think to check the weather forecast and we got showered by rain.  To tell you the truth it felt so good.  It never rains in the desert and I almost forgot what rain on a hot day feels like.  Lucky for us the clouds parted for a good hour or so and we got out hike in!

It was beautiful and I highly suggest this hike to our local So Cal friends! It is in the San Bernardino National Forest.

And on a sidenote… I have been learning so much myself in our homeschool journey.  It feels so good to have my brain churning and teaching and talking with my kids.  In both Abby and Jake’s Language Arts we have been talking about storytelling.  We touched on topics and have been talking about details.  I realized that I don’t notice them enough.  It feels nice to look for them again.

Our hike felt sticky after the rain.  The bugs were buzzing around my head.  Make sure to bring bug spray.  They didn’t bite but were quite pesky.  The air smelled amazing.  It brought me back to my childhood in Washington State.  Everything was green and lush.  We saw a couple of families and couples.  People had their dogs with them.  We even saw a big group of Japanese Tourists.  How fun that they choose to go there, on a wonderful American hike.  I felt fulfilled seeing how easily the kids traversed the trail.  They are growing up and these adventures are truly enjoyable these days.

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