Live Sweet and comfy too!

Hello!  Today I wanted to take a minute and share with you some of Abby’s newest goodies from Live Sweet Shop.    This small shop specializes in whimsical animals and fun prints.  You may recognize the goodies from Lindsey’s main blog – Live Sweet Photography.  She is so talented and has created a beautiful life for her family and a team of fun (and adorable) farm animals.

Some of her goodies (including her Pearl the Pig line) are inspired by their own animals!   You have to check out this cute book featuring little Libby and Pearl!

With each new limited edition print Live Sweet Shop releases a variety of products based on that character.  Great for your own little ones and absolutly perfect for baby gifts!

TIP: The best way to score a deal or an exclusive product from Live Sweet Shop is to join their Facebook group Live Sweet Loves.  Lindsey has been doing live sales almost daily and they have been a huge hit!

Abby recently received three new items and I have some photos to share below.  First, our absolute favorite is the Mermaid Twirl Dress.   Next is the Donut Playgown which she has worn several times.  It washes up great and reminds me of the nightgowns that I wore as a child.   And then we have the Lounge wear set which she also used as a tank top! The donut print is so fun!

Abby is wearing a size 8 or 8/9 in everything and it all fits perfect.  Everything is comfortable which is key these days for my busy 8 year old.

Click here to shop.

You can also follow along on Instagram at @LiveSweetShop and @LiveSweetPhotography.

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