Dolphin Watching in Newport Beach

On Tuesday we met a friend at the most fabulous beach playground ever — Marina Park in Newport Beach.  The kids and I had a rain check on a whale and dolphin watching tour (because last time I locked my keys in the car – on the island- and we missed it).  So we called Davey’s Locker and got our names on the list for a 6:00pm sailing and it was so fun!

Their tours last a good couple of hours + and we had booked it on Travelzoo for an incredible price.  The deal is still available here and 72% off retail.  It was $26 total for the myself and the two kids.  There is also a groupon available here.

I also totally recommend trying to do an early evening sailing.  The sun was a lot less intense and we even caught a wonderful sunset!

We did not come across any whales this time but saw hundreds and hundreds of dolphins. They were so close to our boat.  I loved how the staff told alerted us to notice the huge flocks of birds which meant that something bigger was likely nearby.  We immediately grabbed a book about Dolphins and the kids learned so much!

TIP: Pop by Lido Village before leaving the peninsula for some cute shopping and dining!

TIP: You can take the Balboa Island Ferry for a fun way to or from your excursion.  This small flat ferry holds 3 vehicle and a handful of pedestrians and the kids thought it was so cool!

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