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I am really excited to share our experience with Zaycon Fresh with you today!  When they reached out to me with this opportunity I knew that it was something right up our alley.  They kindly provided us with a case of meat to try out their service but as always all opinions are mine.  I take pride in only recommending products and services that I would purchase myself and I totally plan to.  Hello Salmon in November!

First, what is Zaycon Fresh?

It’s like a pop up shop meats a subscription box.  Easy and affordable.  Convenient and fresh.  Check out this video to learn more!

Quality food at unbeatable value, direct from the farm to your family table.

How does it work?

  1. You go online and place an order for an event in your area.  I couldn’t believe that they had one 5 minutes from my house!  They serve over 1,200 locations nationwide.
  2. On the day of your local Zaycon sales event and pick up your meat.

They combine buying power to offer farm fresh products at fantastic prices cutting out all of the steps and the middle man associated with purchasing in store.   And the convenience is unreal.  You literally drive though, pop your trunk and drive home.  So easy!


Here is how our experience went! 


This is 40 lbs of ground turkey and we have all kinds of great recipes printed off to try!  We reserved our case online.  (click here to see the menu and locations)

STEP 1: Get into the car.

DSC_5992 WEB

STEP 2: Arrive at the event.  Pull up.  Pop the trunk.  Super friendly event host places the box in your trunk.

DSC_5999 WEB DSC_6005 WEB DSC_6003 WEB

STEP 3: Return home.  The kids helped put it all away.  Now, half of our freezer is full.  We don’t have an extra freezer to store meat.  If you are concerned about storing your meat I would totally suggest going in with a friend or family member! It’s a win – win!

DSC_6012 WEB DSC_6023 WEB DSC_6038 WEB DSC_6045 WEB DSC_6049 WEB DSC_6050 WEB DSC_6051 WEB

Check it out for yourself! 

Click here to learn more, check out the menu and look for an event near you! 

What do you think about this service?   We are always looking to get more protein into our diet.  I am looking forward to getting Wild Alaskan Salmon in November and they have some great options for kids including Chicken Tenderloins and Chicken Waffle Bites!

Even if you aren’t ready to order quite yet, I would recommend signing up for a Zaycon Fresh account because they do email promotions from time to time!


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