Strasburg Children: Tomorrow’s Heirloom

My sweet Abby is eight and a half.  I swear that I enjoy each season with her more than the next.  It is such a fun age.  She is a smart, motivated little girl who loves to read and has been playing so well with Jake.   She talks back a little and never wants to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  But that is what makes her my Abby.

This age is special because I know that she will remember everything.   Our day to day life will become what she remembers as her ‘childhood.’   I hope that the our evening walks will be looked back upon fondly.  I hope that someday all of these Littlest Pet Shop toys that I step on continuously are cherished and take her back to a day where she could imagine all day long.   I wonder if she is going to feed her kids frozen waffles everyday like I do… with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

The circle of life is pretty amazing.  Often times I have to pinch myself.  Am I really an adult already?  A married, 35 year old Mom of two? Sometimes I still feel like a child.  But motherhood is especially real to me as I tuck things into their memory boxes.  Whether it’s a drawing, a little toy or a favorite shirt, I sometimes get a little emotional thinking of her going through these memories when she is an adult and maybe (hopefully) sharing some of her memories with her own children.

So, now that I have a few ugly mom tears streaming down my face (pull it together Sarah)  I want to share with you a company that has been dressing kids for decades in quality heirloom special occasion clothing.

Say hello to Strasburg Children.

Their clothing is meant to last decades and has already been passed down for a generation or two.  Each item they dream up is handmade with care and attention to detail from the hand embroidery and smocking to the strong French Seams.   This southern label started out small with the garments being made in a fine Victorian Mansion in Alabama and has now grown to be one of the most sought after designer labels.

Strasburg Children reached out to us and wanted to send Abby an heirloom dress of her own!  She chose the Lace Morning Gown which is even better in person.   I love the crochet lace around the collar and hem.   Abby is wearing a size 7 in Ivory.  The straps are adjustable with an additional button hole and I know that she will get to wear this many more times.  She put it on and we took some photos out in the vacant lot across the street from our house.  One of our favorite places to play.  I plan to print and frame one and tuck it in with her dress when the time comes to stash it away.

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Visit to check out their fantastic selection of heirloom quality clothing up through size 12.   These are so perfect for warm summer nights, beach portraits, baptism and more.   In addition to lightweight classic dresses and outfits they also have a nice selection of handmade special occasion pieces.  You are certain to find the perfect communion dress or flower girl dress.  The top quality 100% cotton and silk and quality craftsmanship are certain to be cherished by the next generation as well!

Stay connected with Strasburg Children via social media!  They are active on all of your favorite networks.

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Strasburg Children is giving one lucky reader the Lace Morning Gown shown on Abby.  (a $64 value!) The winner can choose their size from size 12 month through size 10.

You can enter here on Facebook  or enter here on Instagram or do both for double the entries!

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