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I haven’t had to many chances to sit down and blog this summer because life with two kids is busy!

This past year was my first to have both kids in school full time and after spending 7 years with at least one kid at home full time I relished in the quiet.  But the novelty did wear off and I was excited to have them home with me this summer!   So many fun adventures planned!

I quickly forgot how much different it is to have them home all day.  More groceries to buy, more clothes to wash, toys everywhere and managing screen time.   I realized that it benefits everyone to delegate some of the household responsibilities.  And to my surprise they enjoy helping me out!   Jake is a “level 10” (haha, his words, not mine) dishwasher unloader.  And Abby has been learning how to help with the laundry.  It’s amazing how what seems like a chore to me can be absolute fun for the kids!  FYI mopping is a little too much fun!

Anyway, I have some big plans in the works and some exciting changes for our family!  And nope – no babies and we are not moving.  Stay tuned and I will share more soon!

In the meantime I am most active over on my Instagram page @ourlittlelifestyleblog and actively share our day to day life in our stories section too!

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Abby is using LIFE detergent sheets as she helps me with laundry.  As you know, I have a passion for premium brands of children’s clothing and it is important that we keep them looking nice especially because I like to resell them once outgrown.  (shop here)  This is one reason that we have been enjoying this new detergent in our day to day.  You can check them out here.  They are also available here on Amazon!

Life, a new, innovative laundry detergent that just hit the market. First of its kind, LIFE is a full dissolving laundry detergent SHEET. It is a condensed laundry detergent sheet that is biodegradable with a natural plant-based formula.  It fully dissolves and is free of harsh chemicals (benzene, phosphorus, chlorine, dye and optical brighteners). It is also easy for travel and cost less than pods (@ $.15-$.19 per wash as compared to $.25 per wash with a pod).


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