Inevitabile: an editorial

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting some content for a fabulous new company.  Inevitabile is a European line of blouses entirely dedicated to girls.   Each piece is a work of art and has  embroidery that represents a woven jewel in golden threads, giving each piece an extra sparkle.   Inspired by Art History this label offers styles for every season of your child’s life. Tops with straps to look pretty under the sun, long sleeved blouses to come back to school and short sleeved blouses for the casual look during the long summer days.  These shirts will follow your children on their journeys, and while they will outgrow them they will survive to tell many happy tales.

The quality is top notch you guys!  Light, airy and so well made!

Click here to visit their website! 

//  And how fabulous is this girls squad?  Of course you see Abby and also Elle & Emma and Shiloh & Sarai.  Adorable loafers by Oscars for Kids.

I hope you enjoy this desert story.   We are all one under the same sun. 

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