Sun Ready with Babo Botanicals

When we moved to the California Desert last fall we knew we were excited for the sunshine but wow it is intense! We adore the dry heat and constant breeze but weren’t quite prepared for the direct sun as there is often hardly a cloud in the sky.   Even in the winter the kids came home from school red so we quickly added sunscreen to our morning routine.  Every day before they head out the door they take a few minutes to get their face, shoulders and any any other exposed parts.  It is important that we use a sweat resistant, high quality product.   And the best part is that somehow Abby has become “in charge” of this part of the day.  She is so sweet to help Jake rub it in!

So, I am happy to be collaborating with Babo Botanicals today for a fun giveaway! Their line of Zinc based sun protection products is top notch and will protect your child without all of the harmful chemicals.  They even won the Redbook Award for Best Sunscreen!  We have been using their products for about a month now and I have been super happy with the coverage.  And the Sports Stick is awesome because Jake can put it on without squeezing the whole bottle on the floor. LOL


Babo Botanicals is giving one lucky reader a trio containing Sun Spray, Super Shield and Nutri-Soothe Lip Balm valued at $50!  You can enter over on Instagram by clicking this link.


You can shop at, use their shop locator to find a retailer near you or order on Amazon.

PS: Their hair detangler is AH- MAZING!  First thing that has ever allowed Abby to brush her long tangle prone hair tear free!


Here are some snaps of our family enjoying Babo Botanicals!

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