So, this makes me smile.

For the past few months Jake’s favorite word to work into every day conversations is AWKWARD.  He says it all day long.  And it’s so funny.   In addition to saying our Best Part / Worst Part of the day at dinner, we now say our most Awkward part of the the day.  This morning when walking home from Abby’s bus stop past the older kids stop he turned to me and said “Mom.  All girls are awkward except for you and Abs.”  And he loves yelling AWKWARD at the most appropriate of times.  And that last picture below… he stopped and said, ‘Mom, put this in Abby’s photo book.  It will be so awkward.’

Maybe he has opened up some dialogue in our family where we share more about things that make us uncomfortable, wants people to just lighted up,  or has some high understanding of irony.  But I think that he’s just four.  These random little personality traits are my favorite part of this age.  They are so (lol) awkward.


  1. Melissa August 19, 2015 at 9:25 am

    seriously, love!

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